Weddings are officially back on!

I am so accustomed to a 6 month engagement-to-wedding timeline that when Tasha initially contacted me about her wedding in June I automatically thought she meant June of THIS year. I am so happy to hear that she is actually planning for a year from now and just wanted to make sure she has all the details taken care of ahead of time. I like organized people. I fight really hard with my true nature to be organized and on top of things. Planning is not something I enjoy although I do like dreaming of the future...which is not the same but maybe I could talk myself into planning by calling it that.

Tasha and Nicholas specifically requested a foothills shoot because this is the place where it all started for them. Also another request: they wanted to include their dog in the photos. Foothills and dog photos? Sounds like an ideal session for me!

We started off in town in the Boise Hyde Park neighborhood -- Goody's specifically -- and grabbed a couple of cones because ice cream makes everything better, right? We walked around the block and got some shots with their dog and her custom bandanna. So fun! We headed to Camel's Back Park and the surrounding foothills next. We were treated to lots of green grass and wild roses blooming -- summer had not baked the hills just yet. The sun went behind a cloud and sadly stayed there for the rest of the evening making it dark rather sooner than I had expected. I grabbed as many images as we could and pushed my camera's boundaries until all the usable light was gone.

Tasha had an excellent idea for this session and I wanted to highlight it here for anyone thinking of including their dog in their portraits: she also brought her brother along to handle the dog when she wasn't needed for a photo. I was so thankful that there was someone else that could make sure the dog stayed safe and also attentive for the photos. We were able to get so many more usable images because I could focus on shooting. Thank you Zak for your hard work!